Kim Taehyung Death Hoax: Is He Dead Or Alive?

Kim Taehyung is a South Korean singer and a member of the boy band BTS. He is professionally known as V. He is also known for his single tracks “Stigma” in 2016, “Singularity” in 2018, and “Inner Child” in 2020.  There are rumours he is dead and in this post, we will talk about Kim Taehyung’s Death Hoax. Is Kim Taehyung dead or alive? Keep reading to find out more.

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Kim Taehyung Biography

Born on December 30, 1995, in the Seo District of Daegu, V’s journey to stardom is a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication to his craft.

From a young age, V nurtured dreams of becoming a professional singer. Supported by his father, he began taking saxophone lessons in middle school, using it as a stepping stone to pursue his musical ambitions. V’s exceptional talents caught the attention of Big Hit Entertainment, and he became a trainee after successfully passing an audition in Daegu. Little did the world know that this enigmatic artist would soon become an integral part of the globally renowned group, BTS.

V’s debut as a member of BTS on June 13, 2013, marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey that would forever change the landscape of K-pop. The group’s debut single album, “2 Cool 4 Skool,” introduced V to the world, showcasing his unique voice and magnetic stage presence. As BTS rose to prominence, V’s contributions as a co-writer, producer, and composer became increasingly prominent, further highlighting his artistic versatility.

In addition to his work with BTS, V has embarked on a successful solo career, demonstrating his artistry. His solo track “Stigma” from the album “Wings” showcased his emotive vocals and introspective songwriting, garnering widespread acclaim. V also ventured into the realm of acting, starring in the Disney+ reality series “In the Soop: Orientation” alongside esteemed actors and close friends Park Seo-Joon, Choi Woo-Shik, and Park Hyung-Sik.

Not content with confining his talents to music and acting, V has expanded his horizons by delving into the world of business and education. After graduating from Korean Arts High School in 2014, he pursued further studies at Global Cyber University, majoring in Broadcasting and Entertainment. In 2021, V enrolled at Hanyang Cyber University, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning, and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration in Advertising and Media.

V’s musical contributions extend beyond his work with BTS. In 2020, he released the indie pop single “Sweet Night,” which featured on the soundtrack of the JTBC drama “Itaewon Class.” This self-written and produced track received accolades for its composition, vocal performance, and heartfelt lyrics, debuting at an impressive number two on Billboard’s US Digital Songs chart. V’s subsequent release, “Snow Flower,” a Christmas-themed song featuring Peakboy, further solidified his status as a solo artist capable of touching hearts with his music.

In recent years, V has also gained recognition as a brand ambassador for various esteemed companies, including the Indonesian investment company SimInvest and the French luxury brand Celine. His global appeal and charismatic persona have made him a sought-after figure, transcending borders and captivating audiences worldwide.

Beyond his artistic achievements, V’s journey has also been marked by challenges. During the Love Yourself World Tour concert in Paris in October 2018, he faced difficulties due to illness, yet continued to showcase his dedication to his fans. In October 2021, V demonstrated resilience once again when he abstained from choreography during the Permission to Dance on Stage concerts due to a calf injury. Despite these setbacks, he continued to deliver powerful performances, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to his craft.

As of 2023, V resides in Hannam-dong, Seoul, alongside his BTS bandmates. His humble beginnings and relentless pursuit of excellence serve as an inspiration to countless individuals around the world. With his unmatched talent, charismatic personality, and constant drive for self-improvement, Kim Taehyung has firmly established himself as a multifaceted artist and a true icon in the world of K-pop.

Taehyung is definitely alive and well and not dead as some rumours suggest. Despite missing some shows for a while, Kim is very fine and active on social media.


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