Kind-hearted woman raised neighbour’s son after mum failed to return from shopping trip

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A kind-hearted woman who was told she could never have children raised her neighbour’s child as her own after he was abandoned by his mum, she.

The ‘adoptive’ parent called Rosalinda said her neighbour left the little boy with her ‘to go shopping’ but never returned.

Now in her 70s, Rosalinda, shared a video on TikTok and explained how she become a mum to the little boy who stayed with her until he was 18 when he tracked down his birth dad. She said: “In my early 20s I was told after lots of investigations that I would never have children of my own.

“When my next door neighbour asked me to look after her little boy while she went shopping, I said of course, but she never came back. has shared in a TikTok video

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“That little boy stayed with me through my marriage that I’ve spoken about before, until he was 18 when he found his dad and left to start a new life with his father – and maybe his mother, I’m not sure.” When her ‘adoptive’ son went to live with his dad Rosalinda made a decision to continue being a mum to others by fostering many children.

She said: “So I decided to become a foster parent. My first foster child was a little boy called Adeola. Over the years I’ve fostered many children and that led up to me getting my daughter.” Rosalind described Lola as “such a beautiful little baby”.

However, while she was fostering children, Rosalinda who was then in her 20s, found out her new husband was having an affair with her sister after just three months of marriage. In a separate TikTok video, she said she caught the two during a tryst at their marital home.

Detailing the moment she busted them in bed together she said she “heard strange noises from above” when she returned home late from a night shift. The devoted mum checked on her sleeping children before clocking that the noises were coming from her sister’s room – who was living with Rosalinda and her husband at the time.

When she opened the bedroom door and saw them together she “chased them out screaming.” Rosalinda left her husband but she went on to find love again at the age of 55, and she said despite her “eventful” life she is now content and happy.

Despite being caught red-handed her cheating ex-husband and sister denied having an affair but went on to get married. Rosalinda said they have apologised to her for the heartache they caused.

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