Saturday, February 29, 2020

King Promise Finally Reveals The Secret Of His ‘Sakora’ Head

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King Promise has cleared the misconception some people hold about him concerning his clean shaven head which is called sakora in our local parlance.

The award winning singer has carved a brand for himself with his sakora along with his ‘heavy duty shoes’ and this by some extent has won him more fans.

But speaking in a new interview on Joy FM, King Promise said he is not bald as people think because of his sakora but only trims his hair regularly.

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He said:

”Yes, I’m always with Sakora because I cut my hair regularly, and with the Camboo, I enjoy putting them on, it fits me so well.”

He also spoke about his rise to stardom within this short time:

”My rise has been a blessing, i met people at the right time when i started.

For instance, Sarkodie introduced me to my management that i’m currently working with, and the very first song that had people listening to me was Vision DJ’s Double Trouble song featuring same Sarkodie, and so Sarkodie is a blessing to me”.

I would only believe in God if He Reveals himself to me- Shugga Tit (WATCH SHOCKING INTERVIEW BELOW) 😃 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿
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