Kirsty Smitten Wikipedia, age, husband, children, net worth

Find information on Kirsty Smitten’s Wikipedia, including age, husband, children, and net worth in this report. Kirsty was a brilliant young scientist who created a new class of antibiotics that could save millions of lives and avert medical catastrophe.

Kirsty Smitten death: How did she die? 

Kirsty Smitten, who was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of heart cancer in February, unfortunately, succumbed to her illness in the early hours of October 4. This terminal disease, affecting only two individuals annually in the UK, left her with a prognosis of just a few months to live. Throughout her final weeks, Kirsty received medical care at the esteemed Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Her devoted family remained by her side, providing comfort and support during her last moments.

Kirsty Smitten tributes

Her sister-in-law, Sukhi Smitten, wife of her older brother, Matt, said: ‘Kirsty fought to the very end but this was such an aggressive cancer she couldn’t beat it.

‘She kept saying how much she had to live for – her brother, Dan, is getting married in November and Matt and I are expecting a baby in February. She would have been the most wonderful auntie. We’re all heartbroken.’

Ms Smitten, an accomplished athlete who regularly engaged in hockey and football, experienced severe chest pains during the night last November, as reported by The Mail On Sunday earlier this year.

After undergoing a series of tests spanning three months, she was ultimately diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma, a malignant tumor located in her heart. This particular type of tumor has a tendency to regrow and has the potential to spread or rupture, leading to heart failure.

Despite the grim prognosis, Kirsty remained hopeful that she would survive long enough for a cure to be discovered. Throughout the initial stages of her illness, Kirsty, a biochemist with a PhD in Chemistry and recognized in Forbes magazine’s esteemed 30 Under 30 list for science and healthcare in 2020, continued to actively combat antimicrobial resistance.

This issue, identified by the World Health Organization as one of the most significant threats to global health, involves the evolution of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites, rendering them unresponsive to conventional medicines.

Working alongside her team at Metallo Bio, a company she established with the guidance of her doctoral supervisor at Sheffield University, Ms Smitten successfully developed two antibiotic compounds capable of treating drug-resistant bacterial infections, including strains of pneumonia and meningitis. Additionally, these compounds proved effective in combating infections that arise in wounds and post-surgical procedures.

Her brother, Matt Smitten also shared on social media saying;

“I’m saddened to write that my beautiful, little sister Kirsty Smitten passed away in the early hours of Wednesday, 4th October. She fought this aggressive cancer bravely right until the very end and was surrounded by those closest to her. Words can’t describe how much I’ll miss Kirst.”

The official Facebook page of BirminghamWorld also announced the sad news saying;

“World leading scientist Kirsty Smitten from Solihull has died of heart cancer after developing new antibiotics which were set to potentially save tens of millions of lives. She passed away in hospital with her family beside her last Wednesday (October 4), having spent the past seven weeks in Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital. ”

Kirsty Smitten Wikipedia and age

Despite her huge persona as a young and enterprising scientist, Kirsty Smitten has no listing on Wikipedia, the biggest online encyclopedia. Kirsty died at the age of 29 years.

Kirsty Smitten husband, children and net worth

Kirsty Smitten was not married at the time of her death. Regrettably, we have no details about her net worth. It’s also not clear if she had children before her demise.



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