KKD Accused Of Raping A 19 Year But He Says It Was Mutual | You Will Be Shocked He Did A Similar Thing In 2009

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The latest breaking news,  is that Kwasi Kyei Darkwa alias KKD, who is a showbiz and fashion icon has been charged for allegedly raping a 19 year old girl.

When the news came out, his lawyer Nana Asante Bediatu disclosed that, his client did not rape the girl in question but rather had consensual sex on Saturday night and that KKD is baffled the girl is accusing him of raping her.

“There were other people around and it’s difficult for me to understand how a person can be forced to have sexual relations and the people around won’t hear cries or shouts for help,” he stated.

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The sexual escapade was said to have happened in a bathroom of the African Regent Hotel Suite and even after the act, they went to have drinks and watched a movie together.

The suspect, KKD is currently held in the cells of the Airport police station as investigations are on-going.

Ghbase.com has learned that, for someone to be charged with rape in Ghana, bail cannot be granted unless of course, the victim decided to drop those charges.
KKD is said to have a past record of sexually harrassing two girls in 2009. One of the two girls in question, had revealed that KKD tried taking her on a date when she was just 12 years old. The girl making the accusation that KKD asked her out when she was just 12 years old, posted this on facebook. The girl even swore on her womb when questioned about her accusation.

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It appears, we have a Bill Cosby version in Ghana now and although KKD has denied raping the girl, it would have to be proven whether or not, he raped the girl or the girl agreed to do that with him. We at Ghbase.com will be monitoring this case and post any new developmments here.


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