KKD Broke Ewuraeffe’s Virginity | Case Transferred Plus More Details

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The saga of Ghana’s king of fashion and ace broadcaster still continues, and the latest news Ghbase.com has gathered is that, KKD’s case has been transferred to the High Court for trial.

The new date for his case to be heard for the first time in the High Court is March 18, 2015.

At today’s proceedings, it was uncovered that, the victim, Ewuraeffe Thompson who is only 19 years old was a virgin.

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According to doctor’s report her hymen was torn, there was abrasion on both her labia majora and minora.

The prosecution also said after KKD had pushed her unto the sink and forcibly had sex with her, he assured her of giving her postinor to prevent any pregnancy.

He also gave her a tissue paper to wipe off the blood oozing from her private part. She then sat on the water closet as blood kept oozing.

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Now, Ghbase.com will continue following this case to give you more exclusive reports on events as it unfold. Make sure to like our facebook page and subscribe to our mailing list, so you don’t miss the gist.


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