Kneeling Before My Husband Won’t Subtract A Portion of My Beauty – Gifty Anti Tells Hypocritical Feminists

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Celebrated broadcaster Gifty Anti has stated that she would gladly kneel before her husband any day and anywhere.


Last year, a picture surfaced on social media where the popular broadcaster was kneeling at the feet of her husband, Nana Ansah Kwao while warmly hugging the legs of the husband.

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Fast forward, the usual unemployed female graduates who pride themselves as feminists descended heavily on Gifty. According to the feminists then, Gifty Anti is número uno when it comes to championing women empowerment or better still feminism in Ghana. So, her act (kneeling down before her husband) in a way contradicted what she professes.

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But reacting to the allegations, Oheneyere Gifty Anti revealed she would gladly kneel before her husband whenever she feels like doing so and nobody else can have any say about how she relates to her husband.

“I will kneel down before my husband any day and anytime if I have offended him or if I want to just say thank you for something. It doesn’t demean me as Gifty Anti, It doesn’t take anything away from me.” she insisted.


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