DID YOU KNOW? Ex-Minister Victoria Hammah Is A Goddess Of Money

Former Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hammah, was caught on a secret tape, saying: “I will not quit politics until I make one million dollars. If you have money then you can control people.”

Have you ever sat to cogitate and ask yourself why the former minister showed to the whole world, her strong proclivity for money or riches? Well, the answer is finally here. Doing a little check on her, GHbase.com uncovered that it’s because of her secret name – LAKSHMI.

Victoria Hammah is a Hindu and so bears the initiation name Lakshmi. Lakshmi is a Goddess. She’s the Hindu Goddess of good fortune and beauty. She represents and is seen as the personification of abundance, prosperity, wealth, well-being and harmony. Lakshmi is such a special Goddess.

She is actively worshiped daily by millions of Hindus and interfaith practitioners of Goddess spirituality around the globe. Because of her popularity she is considered a universal Goddess. Lakshmi is a goddess who brings all good things to light and to life!  She has one of the most colorful creation myths of all the deities in the Hindu pantheon.

Lakshmi, like many Hindu deities, is often pictured as a beautiful woman with big dark eyes and with four arms, clad in sari – in a form that is very feminine and full, she sits or stands on her lotus pink throne. She usually has two lotuses in either of her back hands.

Her front arms typically offer a protective blessing as well as blessings known as “boons” or favors from the Goddess. Her ability to enhance our good fortune is in life is symbolized by the gold coins seen pouring from her hands, back into the ocean of life.

Below is a picture of GODDESS LAKSHMI



And below too, is the picture of Victoria Lakshmi Hammah

Victoria Lakshmi Hammah

Need help with finances, a job, success, happiness and love? Lakshmi is a Goddess you can turn to. It is believed that those who pay attention to the Goddess of fortune every day develop a clear channel of communication with her. Lakshmi exists in a dimension far beyond our human struggles and sadness.

But one may ask, so why doesn’t Victoria Hammah officially use the name Lakshmi? Well the point is, perhaps, she was named Victoria Hammah by birth and thus has it run through all her official documents. The Lakshmi is a Sanskrit name which is usually invoked from the spiritual world by the Guru or Maharaj who initiates a Hindu devotee or worshipper – such as Victoria Hammah.

Having been through a lot of trying times orchestrated by her, Victoria courageously came public in recent times to say that: “A lot of times people do tell me “you are very strong” considering what I have been through in recent past, but I tell them “strength and weakness is the state of one’s mind and one’s understanding of the transient reality of our mortal nature.

“It’s the acceptance of one’s material condition what others call destiny or fate that makes all the difference.” The most perplexing part but yet very inspiring was her final words: “A good life is not one devoid of problems because both good and bad experiences give us knowledge and through knowledge we discover the truth!”

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In case you wondered what gave Vic the courage to have posited the above lines, it’s because of Lakshmi – because, another attribute of Lakshmi is that: In times of challenge as in all times of challenge, she can be a comfort and a healer. She is a powerful cosmic connection and so offers a sense of courage, hope, and power.

So now you have a fair idea why Victoria Hammah said in the secret tape that she would stay in politics until she has made $1m (£600,000). You also now know the secret name of Victoria Hammah – Lakshmi and the energy the name exudes.

Another inspiring property of Lakshmi which should start manifesting in the life of Victoria so that she would be saved from persistent public ridicule is clear and loud. Lakshmi is considered a Great Mother. She can guide one from darkness into the light.

In fact, if you allow Lakshmi to be present in your life, you just might find she elevates you to a higher state of being and living – and in that state, you will begin to see that you can create anything! Mother Lakshmi, intervene for Victoria Hammah. Until then…MOTWUM!!



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