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Know Five Personalities Yvonne Nelson Wishes Them Dead

The leader of the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, cautioned His disciples that “Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you!”. Yes!, even in the Heavens, a creature rebelled against the creator. So, it’s not possible to be all loving no mater how generous you’re.


Similarly, actress Yvonne Nelson is one Ghanaian celebrity who has a tall list of enemies who’re ever ready to drag her into gutters with the least flaw. We present to you five personalities Yvonne Nelson wish them dead because of their long standing feud.

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Chris Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri
Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri is a Ghanaian blogger based in UK. He has made lots of enemies through his writings most of which are aimed at celebrities in Ghana especially Yvonne Nelson. Sometime ago, Chris Vincent picked up on Yvonne Nelson because of toning and the most recent grudge between the parties has to do with the pregnancy and delivery by the actress. Chris Vincent wrote on his blog, that, “Yvonne Nelson gave birth to an UGLY Baby – Perhaps, a bastard even”. This reportage gave Yvonne Nelson sleepless nights which generated a lot of internet trolls.


Counselor Lutherodt

Counselor Lutterodt
Counselor Lutterodt


Controversial and Self-styled relationship ‘expert’, Rev. Counselor Cyril George Lutterodt, described the actress as ‘stupid‘ when she delivered out of wedlock. To him and as custom demands, saying, women who have kids before marriage are deemed to have been taken advantage of by the men and so are the children too. As such, he labeled the actress as disgrace to African definition of motherhood.


Berla Mundi



Two days to the end of 2017, Yvonne Nelson trashed Berla Mundi of GHOne TV fame via twitter, accusing her of dating married men. Berla had earlier discussed with her guests, Mz Gee and Sika Osei on her ‘Late Afternoon Show’ how Yvonne Nelson had broken a home by snatching someone’s husband and giving birth out of wedlock. Angry Yvonne Nelson, therefore, descended on Berla Mundi and her guests describing them as clueless. We believe the fight between Yvonne and Berla has just started and it may not end any moment from now.



Yvonne Nelson & Iyanya
Yvonne Nelson & Iyanya


After using and misusing Yvonne Nelson sexually, he dumped her. This treatment made the actress lost interest in African men after reminiscing all the sweet deceptive promises by Iyanya. So, don’t get it twisted the rationale behind Yvonne’s pregnancy with Jamie Roberts.


Yvonne Okoro


Yvonne Nelson &Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Nelson &Yvonne Okoro


Before their reconciliation portrait surfaced online, the two Yvonne’s were delightful to watch when they’re casted in movies at the time they were close pals. But ‘good friends gone bad’ along the line with no authentic reason. Perhaps, Yvonne Nelson happens to be attention seeking by nature. Although it seems they’ve reconciled because they just took a picture together but we’re hoping it isn’t a camouflage.


The list goes on but the aforementioned happen to be the ones Yvonne Nelson wish them dead if she gets the chance.

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