Kobi Rana’s gay scandal erupts again; Rap Fada details how Koby nearly chopped his anus (+ video

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If you want to know the popular Ghanaian males who are often rumored as gay, the name Kobi Rana can never be excluded from the list for obvious reasons.

Anyway, information available to us kind courtesy Inside Prime Page indicates that Kobi Rana has been involved in a sodomy scandal. According to a young rapper who goes by the moniker Rap Fada, Kobi Rana tried raping him in one night when he allowed him to sleep in his house.

Rap Fada in an exclusive interview with Fante Quoo of Inside Prime Page, he and Kobi Rana first met at a recording studio at Amakom,.a suburb of Kumasi. That’s where they established good relationship.

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With time, Kobi Rana expressed interest in paying him a visit which he obliged and they met in his house in the company of a female and one male friend. He said, when Kobi met them together, he got a bit angry as to why the friends were there and he told him these are his friends he’s been rolling with, so there’s no cause for alarm and added that, after all, they are all “boys boys”.

He said, the lady had to excuse them and go home. They had a long talk and it was late so Kobi Rana decided to sleep at his place. Since he did not have any suspicion, he allowed him and his friend also slept over. During the night, he said, he saw Kobi Rana caressing and touching him, he woke up to find his manhood in his hand, which he pushed him away.

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He further revealed that he couldn’t sleep the whole night because of what happened. Consequently, Kobi Rana vanished into thin air because of shame. Later on, he logged on Facebook and wanted to have a conversation with him and realized Kobi Rana has blocked him on Facebook till today.

Watch full interview below:


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