KOD Drowned The Tears Of Ewuraeffe To Help His Cousin KKD?| The State Prosecutor Discloses More Shocking Details

Still on this same KKD rape saga, you sure must have missed the very important details. Ghbase.com has been exclusively following this case since it started and we have some new revelations for you.

You would remember that when Ewuraefe Orleans Thompson pressed charges against KKD that he had raped her, most people doubted the possibility of that happening. 

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Well, we cannot confidently conclude whether the charge is true or not. The girl had already withdrawn the case from court but the state still wanted to continue with the case and as we reported to you yesterday that, the case has been transferred to the High court and the first hearing of the case in the high court will be the 18th of March this year. 

Now in Orleans’s  charge sheet she wrote last year, she mentioned in it that she went to the hotel room together with her cousin and KKD’s cousin. We have wondered who this cousin is, but at yesterday’s proceedings, it was revealed that the cousin in question was no other than Kwesi Okyere Darko (KOD), Tv presenter and also another Fashion icon.

In the bill of indictment read yesterday by the state prosecutor, he narrated the series of events before and after the alleged rape and assured the court that it had enough evidence to prosecute the case.

KOD left and KKD right
KOD left and KKD right

According to the bill of indictment, the state prosecutor told the court that, KKD’s claim that he had consensual intercourse with the 19 year old girl is false and that he forcibly had sex with her against her will., that we told you about yesterday. The prosecutor further revealed that Ewuraeffe cried, prompting her friend in the room to rescue her, but her cries were drowned when KOD, prevented her friend from helping, telling her, everything was fine. KOD then increased the volume of the television or radio in the room, making the cries of Ewuraeffe fade away.

Read:KKD Broke Ewuraeffe’s Virginity | Case Transferred Plus More Details

We will be updating this site with information, we are able to gather. Be reminded that Ghbase.com will be in the high court on the 18th March, 2015 to bring you an exclusive detail of proceedings. Make sure you have liked our facebook page and following us on Twitter, so you don’t miss a single bit of the gist.

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