Kofi Asamoah Burst Out Comparing Duncan Williams’ Way Of Slaughtering The Devil To That Of Twi Pastors

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Movie producer Kofi Asamoah, Ceo of Kofas Media has burst out while comparing Arch Bishop Duncan Williams’ way of slaughtering the devil to that of twi pastors.

Most at times when pastors are being bashed for not doing the right thing or not being real, the main focus is on Pastors who speak the local language leaving the English speaking ones, something that has been complained bitterly by one of the local pastors Kumchacha for some time now.

In a recent post by the Kofas Media boss, he compared how people would have descended on a local pastor if he had pulled out a sword to slaughter the devil in church.

f this was a Twi Pastor wearing a big gold chain holding a sword to chop down the devil, the whole ghana would break loose while calling the congregation illiterates“, he said in an Instagram post.

He continued by saying, “But here we are… wise men in an educated church scattering a spiritual enemy with a physical sword. Or this one is not stupidity because the man of God is speaking english huh? Hypocrites!

Some Christians and supposed church members have not taken it lightly on the movie producer, as they heckle him at the comment section for such a post.

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