“Koko without sugar” – A father’s complaint about ward’s hunger as food shortage hits SHS hard

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Several complaints have been made by a parent of a senior high school student concerning how pupils are served at the school facilities.

‘Koko’ (porridge) without sugar is being provided to his child because of food scarcity, according to the emotionally disturbed parent.

A distraught parent said on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show that pupils were sometimes only fed once a day.

“Our children are very hungry. They wrote the exams on empty stomachs. They give them just a ladle of ‘koko’ without bread, groundnut and sometimes no sugar,” he said on Wednesday.

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The concerned parent described the situation as deplorable and urged the government to take action as quickly as possible.

As educators, we must ask ourselves, “What type of education system are we running?” In order to feed these pupils, we are progressively educating them to steal,” he said.

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Headteachers who speak out about their schools’ shortcomings should not be punished by the government, he said.

Food shortage has been a topical issue in secondary schools for weeks now as some selected food items have not been delivered to various schools causing students to live on the scanty foodstuff left.



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