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There are a plethora of Korean names for girls out there that you can choose to give to that adorable daughter of yours.

You have long been searching, and we have a lot of them sampled for you in this article. So, if you are looking for cute Korean names for girls, we got you covered on that right here.

But before we get into all of the cute names, we will discuss just how these Korean names for girls are chosen by native Korean people.

Essentially, Korean baby names are made up of two to three elements which often contain three syllables and sometimes up to five.

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The first part is for the family name, and the next part is the given name.

The first syllable is usually the family name, the second syllable could be a generational name showing that the baby belongs to a particular generation, whereas the third syllable is a unique name given to the child by the one naming the baby.

All of these syllables often contain hyphens between them which explains why you see a lot of hyphens in Korean names for girls as well as boys.

A bit of education there for you on how these Korean names for girls are chosen.

Now, we get into the business of these names and their meanings. You can peruse through to see the one that fits your adorable daughter.

  1. Ae-Cha. This is one of the cute Korean names for girls, and its meaning would even interest you–one that you won’t overlook if you want a befitting Korean name for your daughter. This name means “Loving daughter.” Now, tell me you don’t want that as a name for your daughter.
  2. Bo-Bae. Your daughter is a treasure to you, right? What better Korean names for girls to choose from than the one that means precious treasure. Bo-Bae means just that–“Precious Treasure.”
  3. Choon-Hee. Another cute name of Korean origin for your baby girl. This name means “spring girl.” If your daughter was born in the spring season, you would consider giving her this name.
  4. Da-Eun. Da in Korean means many/more, and Eun means any of kindness, charity, or mercy. When these two are joined together, it makes for a very good name as it will mean either “more kindness, more charity, or more mercy.”
  5. Dan-Bi. Meaning “sweet rain” or “long-awaited rain” Dan-Bi could be beautiful.
  6. Ma-Ri. This one means simply “the best.” And to you, better than all the rest.
  7. Sun-Young. All a parent really wants is for their child to be “kind-hearted” – which is what this name means. Given that names do play a very important role in people’s lives, giving such a name to your child would make them grow to be just that–Kind-hearted.
  8. Yeong-Ja. If you want your daughter to grow up fearless and full of adventure, then Yeong-Ja could be a winning choice. It means “brave child.”
  9. Ji-Hye. The most common meaning of this Korean girl’s name is “bright” or “wisdom.”
  10. Eun. As above, this short and sweet name means “kindness” or “charity.”
  11. Boram. “Valuable” or “worthwhile.” Naturally!
  12. Bong-Cha. Most parents try to avoid playing favorites, but all bets are off with this name. Bong-Cha translates as “superior daughter.”
  13. Ari. Pretty. Lovely. Beautiful. That’s what this bite-sized name means. Perfect.
  14. Binna. This sweet-sounding name means “to shine,” which is ideal for your little diamond.
  15. Myeong. Meaning “bright,” “light,” or “clear,” this wonderful name sparkles.

Most of these names are very popular amongst girls in Korea, but let’s look at the very popular ones, shall we?

Most popular Korean names for girls:

  1. Seo-Jun
  2. Ha-Joon
  3. Do-Yun
  4. Eun-Woo
  5. Si-Woo
  6. Ji-Ho
  7. Ye-Jun
  8. Yu-Jun
  9. Ju-Won
  10. Min-Jun

The names above are the most common and most popular Korean names for girls that you can find.

Now, let’s look at the very cute ones that everyone would like to give their baby girl.

Cute Korean names for girls

  1. Aera
  2. Ara
  3. Areum
  4. Bong-Cha
  5. Chija
  6. Cho
  7. Cho-Hee
  8. Dallia
  9. Deji
  10. Eun-Kyung
  11. Haw
  12. Hea
  13. Hiah
  14. Jang-Mi
  15. Jia
  16. Jin-Ae
  17. Kyong
  18. Kyung-Mi
  19. Mee
  20. Mi-Cha
  21. Mi-Hi
  22. Mi-Kyong
  23. Mi-Ok
  24. Mi-Sun
  25. Mi-Young
  26. Molan
  27. Moon
  28. Myung-Hee
  29. Sang-Hee
  30. Sena
  31. Sun-Hee