Kris Bryant Contract: See The Details

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Kris Bryant contract with the Colorado Rockies is the biggest yet in his career after committing to a seven-year deal that will see him play for the club for a long time.

Since his 2013 debut, he has signed a number of lucrative contracts after joining different teams, but the one he signed with his current team is his biggest yet and he is set to earn a lot of money by the time the contract ends.

That contract was signed on March 18, 2022.

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Who is Kris Bryant?

Kris Bryan Contract: Biography

Kris Bryant Net Worth
Kris Bryant

On January 4, 1992, he was born. Age-wise, he is 31.

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The Boston Red Sox’s minor league baseball team had Mike Bryant, Bryant’s father, as a player.

Mike used to own a patio furniture business, but he sold it to pursue a career that would allow him to train his son alongside his son.

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Bryant finished high school at Bonanza High School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His career statistics include a.418 batting average, a.958 slugging percentage (SLG), 103 hits, and 47 home runs. He played varsity baseball for the school for four years.

Bryant was rated as one of the best players available in the 2013 Major League Baseball draft.

The Houston Astros, who had the first overall pick, scouted Bryant.

Kris Bryant anticipated being selected by the Colorado Rockies, who had the third pick in the draft.

After the Astros selected pitcher Mark Appel, the Chicago Cubs selected Bryant as the second overall choice.

In 2021, he joined the San Francisco Giants as his contract with the Chicago Cubs came to an end.

He would move from the San Francisco Giants to his current team, the Colorado Rockies, in a huge contract.

Kris Bryant Contract With The Colorado Rockies

Kris Bryant contract with the Colorado Rockies a seven-year deal that is worth $182 million, which he signed on March 18, 2022, moving there from the San Francisco Giants.

He would start left field for the team, it was announced.

Bryant missed the final two months of the 2022 campaign because of plantar fasciitis and a right-foot bone injury.

Kris Bryant contract of $182 million with the Colorado Rockies is a very significant one that has had an impact on his net worth as a professional baseball player.

Net Worth

Kris Bryant Contract
Kris Bryant Contract

What is Kris Bryant net worth?

The total value of Kris Bryant’s contracts over the duration of his career, including the $6.7 million signing bonus he received in 2013, his first, is thought to be $8 million.

Bryant’s 2016 pay from the Cubs was $652,000, a 38% increase from what he was paid as a rookie.

Kris Bryant contract with the Colorado Rockies was a huge one but he had signed other good contracts before that.

Other Contracts

Bryant and the Cubs came to terms on a $1.05 million contract before the 2017 season started, shattering the previous mark of $1 million established by Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels in 2014.

The sum of all of these has increased Kris Bryant’s wealth.

Ryan Howard previously held the record for a player in his first year of salary arbitration, signing a $10 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2008.

A record-breaking $10.85 million was agreed upon between Bryant and the Cubs as compensation for the 2018 campaign.

Now you know all about Kris Bryant contract. How much is he worth?


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