Krobo Youth Explain Why They Decided To Demand Ghc2 Million From Sarkodie Or Sue Him

On Wednesday, the Kloma Hengme Association led by our legal counsel, Dr Kwadwo Appiagyei-Atua, an International Human Rights Lawyer, and Senior Law Lecturer of the University of Ghana, Legon, served a ”NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SUE” to Sarkodie, Kurl Songx and Kaywa.

In the said legal document, the association gave six conditions to the trio (Sarkodie and Co) to satisfy within ONE WEEK or be sued without any further notice.

The six conditions are:

1. Issue an immediate order to the relevant media houses asking them to halt playing the “Jennifer Lomotey” song on their airwaves; 

2. Expunge or cause to be expunged the portion of the lyrics which my clients find offensive and defamatory or completely ban the use of that song from the airwaves; 

3. Expunge or cause to be expunged all audio and video clips of the song which are found on various social media platforms that are registered in your name; 

4. Write an unreserved apology to the Chiefs and people of the Krobo Traditional Area, including a statement to the effect that such an offensive act will not be repeated against the Krobo people; 

5. Make a statement to the general public advising them to desist from transferring or sharing the song which contains the offensive lyrics with anybody else; and, 

6. For denting the image of the Krobo people and dragging their hardearned reputation in the mud, pay a compensation of two million Ghana cedis (GHS2,000,000) to the Krobo people. 


 Out of these six conditions, it has come to our attention that some sections of the general public have only singled out the 6th condition (The monetary compensation) and they are making it look as if that is the only condition which has been outlined in the legal document.


We wish to state that, and as stated above, we have set out six different conditions to be satisfied and not just one.

We also wish to explain the reasons for the monetary compensation


You will all remember how that the Kloma Hengme Association aggressively took on Paul Gee after he denigrated the image of Krobos and Krobo women in the Okomfo Anokye Movie in 2013.

We petitioned the Cinematography Board of Control (a.k.a Censorship Board) at Accra. Paul Gee was consequently summoned by the Censorship Board at a meeting which was also attended by Kloma Hengme and the Member of Parliament for Yilo-Krobo, Hon Magnus Kofi Amoatey. 

At the said meeting, he was directed by the Board to expunge that denigrative portion from the song. He was also directed to apologize to the Chiefs and people of Krobo.

Paul Gee observed the Directive from the Board. He indeed expunged that denigrative portion from the new movies he released into the market. The edited part of that movie was screened for us at another meeting convened by the Board which was attended by Kloma Hengme and the MP, Hon Magnus Kofi Amoatey. 

He also made a public apology to the Chiefs and people of Krobo per our demands.

2. However, in March 2015, the same Paul Gee after releasing the part 3 & 4 and other subsequent versions of the same Okomfo Anokye Movie, he again used that denigrative part (which we have protested and was later expunged) to do commercial adverts for these part 3 & 4 and the other subsequent parts. These commercial adverts were shown on Adom TV and other media houses.

We aggressively protested again, and that advert was stopped from airing immediately.

3. From the above points, it has become clearer that issuing of a mere apology and Retraction and Expunging of scenes and parts from artistry works is not enough to punish, caution, warn, and deter movie producers, musicians, celebrities, corporate bodies and individuals from exploiting that denigrative myth for their commercial gains.

And that Monetary compensations and other stiffer demands has to be added as a punitive measures to serve the purpose. This also falls in line with general practices that have to do with defamation cases. It is not anything new we have invented.

4. The monetary compensation of Gh₵ 2 million as one of the conditions spelt out in the said Legal document to Sarkodie, Kaywa and Kurl Song is only meant to caution them and punish them for their unreasonable behavior.

We hereby state clearly that, that compensation as stated in the legal document is NOT to appease or compensate anyone. It is NOT to sell the dignity of Krobos and Krobo women. The dignity of any human beings, and for that matter Krobos and Krobo women, is so priceless that no amount of money can buy. 

The purpose is to punish and reform. The purpose is to send strong signals to all movie producers, music artistes, corporate bodies, individuals and the general public to desist from exploiting that false myth for their monetary, selfish, and commercial gains which is denigrating and assassinating the image of Krobos and Krobo women. 

The media will always use wrong headlines and people will always make foul and irresponsible comments but let us stay true to the campaign and together, we will not only win as Krobos, but also succeed in controlling the rate at which the name ”Krobo” is abused and denigrated.

With the legal journey we are embarking on as a Krobo nation, the second of ”Our Series of Actions to seek redress”, we want to implore all of us to avoid foul languages on Sarkodie, his management and family, and also avoid foul languages on all social media pages. Let us be mindful of our utterances at all places and at all times. Let us show decorum and magnanimity in our speeches and all commentary on the issue from henceforth.

Wa ha nyɛ tsuo Manye!!




June 16, 2017


Public Attention

All Media Houses