K!ss your lady exactly how you lick your lips when dry – S3x coach educates GH men on perfect k!ss!ng

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Nkomode Hemaa, a sex coach and entrepreneur, has taught couples how to kiss and look at sex in order to ensure they perform it correctly.

In the same way that you lick your dry lips, kiss your lover. When you lick your lips, you don’t mean to damage yourself. On eTV Ghana’s In Bed with Adwen, she stated, “You won’t bite your lips or bite your tongue so while you’re licking your dry lips, do it precisely as you would when kissing your spouse.”

What’s the point of buying rice in the store and then eating it straight from the shelf? Due to the nature of the procedure, you cannot do that. Before you serve and consume the rice, you must cook it. In an interview with Adwen the Love Doctor on the program, she said that “that is precisely how sexuality works”.

There is no sense in jumping right into sexual activity because you’ve got an erection and need to come, according to the sex instructor. “You have to start from one point to the next.”

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She cautioned individuals to keep in consideration their partner’s feelings while doing anything to them. Your spouse is exactly like you, so if what you do to your partner hurts them while you’re in one position for a long period of time, then do what’s right,” Nkomode Hemaa added.

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