Saturday, December 5, 2020

Kuami Eugene’s ‘Angela’ Is A Great Song And I’ll Make Sure It’s Played Everywhere In Africa, Especially Nigeria’ – Kojo Antwi (+Audio)

Kuame Eugene’s top charting song ‘Angela’ has impressed Kojo Antwi so much to the extent that the veteran musician has vowed to make sure the song gains recognition everywhere, especially Nigeria.

In an exclusive interview on Adom FM’s Entertainment Hall , the legendary African icon promised to bolster Eugene’s career by selling him in the Nigerian market. According to Kojo Antwi, ‘Angela’ deserves widespread recognition in the whole of Africa.

He said:

“I will make sure the song is played everywhere in Nigeria”.

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Kojo Antwi, in answering a question on whether Ghanaians copy the style of their Nigerian counterparts, answered in the negative.

He said:

There was a period where I joined the chorus that our songs were sounding more Nigerian; I am getting a new perception now. They [people like Eugene] are the ones that will play the pure Ghanaian thing for us. He sang it well and he sang it well like the Nigerians.

“I have started making calls for him. I will help him shine if I can. They [Nigerians] must give us some more because we give them some more. It’s good music and must be supported.

In a related development Kuami Eugene has thanked Kojo Antwi in a tweet for such a great honour.

The youngster wrote:

“I humble myself for Kojo Antwi. I need your help Legend…”

Here’s what he said:

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