Kuami Eugene’s Response To Reports That He Wears GH¢5 Boxer Shorts Will Make You Love Him More (+ Screenshot)

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We reported earlier on how Kuami Eugene was mocked by some of his social media followers for wearing GH¢5 boxer shorts when he flaunted his 6 packs on Instagram – to perhaps get female fans crush on him.

When Kuami Eugene flaunted his 6 packs, it ended up being scrutinized by some fans who noticed that the boxer shorts he’s wearing are those sold cheap in the open market specifically Makola market.

“The Boxer Shorts be What Design! Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger??? Rockstar Nie ??”, a fan mocked.

Well, Kuami Eugene has responded to the reports in such a matured manner to the amazement of his fans especially those who mocked him over the cheap boxers.

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In a tweet responding to the troll tweeted by a radio station, Kuami Eugene stated he was grateful to God that he could now afford GH¢5 boxer shorts since he couldn’t find the same amount of money for food some few years ago.

“I  remember a time when finding 5 cedis for good was a hustle. Spider today I can buy boxers. You think it’s worth 5 cedis then it means God has been good. Let’s thank God for what he has done for us”‘ Kuami Eugene’s response.


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See Kuami Eugene’s GH¢5 boxers below