Kumawood movie producers have now ventured into mobile phone business – Actor Sean Paul

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Popular Kumawood actor Sean Paul has made it know in an interview that movie producers in Kumasi are now phone sellers as the movie industry there has collapsed.

As a means to be able to put food on the table for their families, they have now resorted to the selling of mobile phone and accessories.

It is no news that the movie industry in Ghana has gone down due to one or two reasons. According to the actors and actresses, low patronage, lack of cinemas across the country, foreign content on televisions are some of the contributing factors.

While some have argued their reasons, some people have attributed their downfall to the fact that the Kumawood movie is full of jokes and insults something which doesn’t teach them anything spectacular or gives them any sort of advice.

The major complaints of the actors and actresses in Kumawood are that the CD’s of which was the major distribution source has seen low patronage due to the fact that no one is ready to buy their CD’s because pen drives have now taken over the sells of discs.

According to Sean Paul, the directors and people who were the frontliners failed to plan ahead or have a backup plan on their next line of action should the sale of disc go down.

Watch the video below:

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