Kumawood stars call on Agya Koo to help revive the ‘DEAD’ movie industry

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Some Kumawood celebrities have asked renowned actor Alex Kofi Adu, well known by his stage as Agya Koo, to resurrect the “dead” film business.

One of the seasoned actors that has captured the hearts of many Ghanaians is Agya Koo. He has, however, been absent from the big screen for a while due to issues the industry was having.

Speaking on behalf of Kumawood celebrities, Oboy Siki praised Agya Koo for his enormous contribution to the film business. He continued by saying that Agya Koo raised several cinema stars who went on to have excellent careers.

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Oboy Siki urged Agya Koo to collaborate with other actors and film producers in order to revitalize the movie business by utilizing the new medium of YouTube.

“At this point, YouTube is the future. Who will buy the standard part 1 and part 2 movies if you make them? YouTube is now selling. The King Kong of the Ghanaian film industry is the finest person to join our team, so we should use him to ensure that the Ghanaian film industry is revived on YouTube.

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During the funeral for the late Kumawood actor Tutu, he said, “We pleaded to God about how we were used unfairly by movie makers and marketers at Kejetia, and by the grace of God, he has given us YouTube to fend for ourselves, we must guarantee it works.”

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