18-year-old teen actress, Maame Yaa Jackson has been ‘dumped’ by her boyfriend, a close source has told Ghbase.com and the actress who also doubles as a musician is suffering a broken heart.

Well, she joins the likes of Sister Derby, who was also dumped by Medikal but in the case of Yaa Jackson, we don’t know if her boyfriend also ‘dumped’ her for someone with a bigger ‘bortos’.

The actress came under harsh criticism when she suggested that, she wouldn’t date a guy who doesn’t own a brand new car when she released a song titled ‘tear rubber’ but later indicated that, she didn’t mean what she said as it was just a song.

Maame Yaa Jackson
Maame Yaa Jackson

The source who tipped Ghbase.com this news, also added that Yaa Jackson has been unable to concentrate on anything as she really loved this boyfriend of hers and the breakup is affecting her emotionally but close friends are helping her to get over the boy.

The teen actress has since updated her Instagram bio, saying she’s single and in series of posts she’s made on her Instagram stories and her page, she’s posted lots ‘heartbreak quotes’.

In one of the posts, she wrote; “Best lesson I’ve ever learned is that you can get replaced at any time,watch your back,don’t get too comfortable,be ready to move on 💎🚨🔓”

See one of such posts below:


But we know she will get over it, after all she’s just about 18 or so, so will get another man in her life to love and appreciate her. For more juicy celebrity gossips and news, always head back to our blog Ghbase.com for more entertainments news.

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