“Kumerican boys are doing well independently but there’s no unity among them” – D Black

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Ghanaian rapper, businessman, Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, better known as D Black, has raised concerns about the division among the Kumerican rappers and vocalists while simultaneously praising their hard work.

In an interview with Tony Best on Akoma FM, D Black mentioned that the new crop of Kumerica musicians are doing well with their skill what brings them together as one people is what they are missing.

In D Black’s assertion, they lack the tendency that brings them together as one people.

“The Kumerican guys are doing great, but I think they are a little bit divided,” he said.

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During the interview, D Black stated that all entertainers in the creative industry require the support of their peers in order to succeed. He stated that it appears that all of Kumerica’s artists are doing their own thing rather than seeking each other’s support.

“I believe they should band together and seek a shared goal. You can’t stay on top of music indefinitely. So, as a brother’s star fades, he’s featured on a big song at a specific time to raise him up,” he explained.

His remarks are likely in response to the news that Yaw Tog has left the Asakaa Boys after refusing to sign a label deal with them. This came after it was discovered that Yaw Tog had removed the Asakaa Boys’ verses from his breakthrough single “Sore” during the remix with Stormzy, a British rapper.

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“I didn’t sign their record label deal and it came out from them because I didn’t sign their deal, they won’t be able to collaborate with me again, and it all started with the deletion of my verses and the work they performed together.” Yaw Tog said after breaking from Asakaa boys.

However, we’ve noticed that other Kumerican acts such as Kweku Flick, Kofi Jamar, YPee, Osikani Abrantie, and Kweku Darlington, among others, have been going about their music careers separately.


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