Kwabena Kwabena’s Ex-Wife Taking Court Action To Get The House & The Car BUT They Were Not Married Legally

Kwabena Kwabena’s tumbling marriage has really caught the attention of the general public and every now and then, there is some sort of new revelation. We shared with you pictures of the woman known as Frema, who is allegedly responsible for Kwabena Kwabena’s marriage woes.

There was another report also that, although Kwabena Kwabena got married to Abena Owusuaa in 2010, he’s not legally married to her since he did not sign the marriage certificate because he was advised by the mother not to sign it yet because of what  happened in his first marriage.

Although Kwabena Kwabena has swerved all media interviews to get him speak on matters arising from his marriage, sources close the him and his now former wife keep feeding the media with the state of affairs in his marital life. has learned that, her ex-wife Abena Owusuaa wants ownership of the house and the car they were using when they were married because she helped him to build the house and that she also owns the car because she bought it with her own money.

Another website, has equally reported same, disclosing that, Abena Owusuaa has settled for Laywer Nana Asante Bediatuo, who is also the Executive Secretary for the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to help her fight for the custody of the house, the car and their two kids.

It’s going to be a very tough legal battle but then we would report on whatever comes out of that development.

We are told that, Abena is now living in a rented apartment somwhere in Accra as Kwabena Kwabena is living in the house they built together with his new lover, Frema Ashkar.



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