Kwaisey Pee clashes with Criss Waddle over Sakawa Geng tag

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Highlife musician Kwaisey Pee has clapped back at his younger brother, Criss Waddle over the infamous narrative that Criss Waddle is a part of the Sakawa geng.

In an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje, Kwaisey Pee stated he was surprised to learn that his brother, Criss Waddle, had spoken out against him.

A month earlier, Criss Waddle complained that he and his older brother Kwaisey Pee had a problem because Kwaisey Pee wouldn’t defend him on “Sakawa” and the fraud tag that had been placed on him.

Criss Waddle, in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje of Angel FM, said that he and Kwaisey Pee used to get along well and that they would often talk about business.

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However, he did say that things between them soured when Kwaisey Pee gave an interview in which he claimed he was unaware of Criss Waddle’s financial source.

Kwaisey Pee responded to Criss Waddle’s allegations by saying that they were unfounded since Criss Waddle was only a little child.

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He’s our youngest and youngest child, so I won’t hold it against him if he makes false accusations against me, but after reading them I had to wonder whether he’s all right.

“I recall telling the interviewer that he is involved in business and real estate, but maybe he was expecting me to say more in defense of him than that. “He says I didn’t defend him against the sakawa tag and his business, which is wrong.”


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