Kwaw Kese’s Daughter And Criss Waddle’s Son Celebrate Their Birthday Today With Lovely Photos

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Beautiful daughter of rapper Kwawkese and son of AMG CEO, Trey both happen to celebrate their birthday today.

The two celebrating their birthday today, did it in a lovely style with regards to their birthday photos. Both looked lovely in their birthday photos.

Kwawkese shared the photos of his beautiful daughter and wished her a happy birthday with a message which read, “Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎈🎊 princess @docilla_nanahemaa 4 years of beautiful smiles, keep glowing Doci ❤️🎈💥🎊✅

Criss Waddle on the other hand also did similar with his wish to his son, though his message was short and simple. He tweeted a photo of him and captioned it, “Happy Birthday to Criss Waddle Junior

photos below;





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