Kwame Despite, Tobinco, rich men don’t go to church prayer meetings; only poor people do that – Captain Smart

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Renowned broadcaster, Captain Smart has made a profound statement about rich people and prayer services organized by churches in Ghana.

According to the Onua Fm/Tv journalist, only poor people have time to attend regular church services especially intermittent prayer meetings or services as compared to rich men.

In the studios of Onua Tv, rich men like Osei Kwame Despite, Tobinco, Et Al. don’t go to regular church prayer meetings because men of God visit the houses of these rich men to pray specially for them because of their money.

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Captain Smart, therefore, admonished the average Ghanaian to work hard for money and stop wasting all their time on weekdays church activities as it has no correlation with their financial breakthrough.

As a reminder, Captain Smart has successfully made a name for himself in Ghana’s media industry. His baritone voice, verbal prowess, and confidence make him one of the best radio presenters in the media and showbiz.


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