Kwami Eugene Lands In Hot Waters As People Accuse Him Of Stealing His New Song ‘Confusion’ From This Musician But Did He Really Steal It?

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It’s no doubt that Kwami Eugene is now seen as one of the new schools that will take Ghana’s music to the next level, with the kind of music he’s been releasing since he came unto the scene. The young lad won the heart of Ghanaians when he dropped his hit single ‘Angela’ last year; a song that got him performances on most of the big events that was organised.

The ladies couldn’t stop singing and dancing to the song each time that jam came on mainly because they were able to resonate with the lyrics. After ‘Angela’ Kwame Eugene has dropped another song which is definitely a hit song as well, titled ‘Confusion’ and the song sort of sounds like a continuation of the song ‘Angela’ when you match the storyline in both music videos and the lyrical content.

The song ‘Angela’ tells a story of a boy who shows his love and affection for a girl he loves and pampers her and let’s her understand his love for her was real and that was willing to do anything to make her his woman then we had a me song ‘Confusion’ that sort of follows the story after ‘Angela’ and it only takes creative people to be able to do this.

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If you’ve listened to the song or watch the music video, you would notice what I am trying to establish as the new song also follows their love story. Kwame Eugene wants to get married to ‘Angela’ now but his mother disapproves of this marriage and that sort of is creating ‘Confusion’ in their marriage as ‘Angela’ seems disturbed and almost falls in the trap of another man, who perhaps she feels would have a family ready to accept her.

Although Kwami Eugene exhibited all of this creative brilliance, he’s come under public scrutiny as he’s being accused of ‘stealing’ the song from one Malian Musician who is known as Sidiki Diabaté who released the same version of the song back in 2015 and has garnered more than 15 million views on Youtube.

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The title of his song ‘Fais moi Confiance‘ is a French word which means ‘Trust Me’ and after watching the music video, although we were not able to understand the lyrics because it was sung in French, one could easily tell what the song was about.

For the Malian musician’s version, the story seems to be more like a man and a woman who are in a happy relationship then some girl who is jealous of their beautiful relationship comes into the picture and starts feeding the girl with lies that her man is cheating on her. So the guy tries to tell the girl to ‘Trust him’ and not listen to anyone because she’s the only he loves and has eyes for no other.

So How Did Kwame Eugene Steal It If His is ‘Confusion’ and the guy’s own is ‘Trust Me’?

Well, from comments, and from our own judgment, the rhythm and beats are the same but storyline wise, there’s a clear difference.

We at don’t see it as a big deal. There’s nothing wrong to take inspiration from other people’s songs somewhere and make some few tweaks here and there to suit your style and your audience so people should just let Kwame Eugene be!

It’s a great piece and we should just enjoy the song. Yes, same beat, same rhythm but it’s definitely not word by word or same storyline.

Watch Kwame Eugene’s own below:

Now watch the Malian’s own below and tell us what you think



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