Kwesi Arthur And Strongman. Who Is Better? Fans Pick And Choose

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Kwesi Arthur And Strongman. Who Is Better? Fans Pick And Choose

Fans of rapper Kwesi Arthur and Strongman are comparing these two acts in a frantic bid to determine who is better in terms of rap, brand and overall appeal.

This has generated an argument or better still contest of like and unlike ideas on Twitter as netizens bid for support for their views on who they think is better.

The genesis of this conversation was ignited by a fan who opined strongly that Strongman raps better than Kwesi Arthur with a further claim that the latter does not have enough words to convey all his thoughts and emotions.

Following that, fans of Kwesi Arthur have risen with stiff opposition to this assertion and are debating the claim with several tweets to buttress their point that Kwesi Arthur is far ahead of Strongman thus the comparison is a mismatch.

On the other hand, fans of Strongman have stood their grounds and labelled him as the leader of the rap game. According to their tweets, Strongman rubs shoulders with the likes of Sarkodie, M.anifest, Omar Sterling etc.

Personally I think these two rapper have different vibes. Although Strongman has a strong command over the Twi dialect and raps with some sort of power and dexterity, his art lacks the intentional appeal. While Kwesi Arthur raps in a way that resonates with the youth which is usually interspersed with some melodic harmonies. This gives his art an international appeal and recognition.

Will this somewhat unnecessary comparison be good for the industry? Are these fans not stoking a musical brawl between Kwesi Arthur and Strongman? Find out and conclude form the tweets below:


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