La Toya Jackson Siblings: Get To Know Them

The La Toya Jackson siblings are all accomplished people, but what do you know about them? Which of them have you grown to love so much that you would like to be like them?

In this article, you will get to know each of them and how their lives have evolved.

They all grew up in a family that was supportive and each of them got the rightful environment in which to develop and build just the perfect career.

You will get to know La Toya Jackson siblings and who she is.

How has she built her career to this level that everyone no talks about her?

You will get to find out.

Who is La Toya Jackson?

Get to know more about her before we zoom in on who her siblings are.

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La Toya Jackson Siblings: Early Life of La Toya

La Toya Yvonne Jackson is a musician and television personality from the United States.

Jackson, the fifth and middle child of the Jackson family, initially rose to fame on the CBS variety show The Jacksons, which ran from 1976 to 1977.

She gained her fame when she started to make television appearances on television but how did La Toya Jackson siblings gain their fame?

La Toya graduated in 1974 from the Cal-Prep school in Encino, Los Angeles, California.

Jackson wanted to practice corporate law and become an attorney.

Her father insisted that she seek a profession in show business like the rest of the family after she briefly attended college.

La Toya Jackson Siblings

La Toya Jackson Age
La Toya

Who are her siblings?

Rebbie, Jermaine, Tito, La Toya, Marlon, Brandon, Michael, Randy, Janet Jackson, and Jackie Jackson are La Toya Jackson siblings.

Who are her parents?

Her parents are Joseph Jackson and Katherine Jackson.

Who are they?

Joseph Walter Jackson was the patriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers and an American talent manager (July 26, 1928 – June 27, 2018).

2014 saw his induction into the Hall of Fame for Rhythm and Blues Music.

Joe Jackson encouraged his sons to pursue music in the early 1960s when they started tinkering with his instruments while he was at work.

His three oldest boys, Jackie, Tito, and Jermaine, were the first to whom he began working. Randy, the youngest brother, was too small to join the band at the time, but later added younger sons Marlon and Michael.

This was how La Toya siblings became popular.

Katherine Jackson, her mother, was born on May 4, 1930.

She is known for being the matriarch of the Jackson family of entertainers.

Let’s take a look at who each of La Toya Jackson siblings is.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson
Janet Jackson

Jessica Damita Jo Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, on May 16, 1966.

The Jackson family, a working-class African-American family residing in a two-bedroom home on Jackson Street, had ten children, with her being the youngest.

She performs as a dancer, actress, singer, and songwriter.

She is renowned for both her spectacular stage performances and her cutting-edge, socially conscious, and provocative records.

Jackson is one of the best-selling musicians in the world with over 100 million records sold.

Janet Jackson is the youngest of all La Toya Jackson siblings.

Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson
Jermaine Jackson

Jermaine Jackson was born on December 11, 1954.

He is a bassist and singer from the United States.

He is primarily recognized for being a Jackson family member.

Jermaine Jackson played bass guitar and was The Jackson 5’s second vocalist from 1964 to 1975.

He has been a part of the group known as The Jacksons since 1983.

In November 1967, Jermaine and his brothers signed their first contract as The Jackson 5 with Steeltown Records’ Gordon Keith.

On January 31, 1968, their debut song, “Big Boy,” was made available to the public.

Jermaine Jackson is one of the most popular La Toya Jackson siblings out there.

Rebbie Jackson

Rebbie was born on May 29, 1950.

Prior to participating in the television series The Jacksons, she first appeared on stage with her siblings during performances in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in 1974.

On the day of her sixth birthday, her sister La Toya was born.

Centipede, Jackson’s debut album, was released when she was 34.

Marlon Jackson

Marlon David Jackson was born in the US on March 12, 1957. He performs as a dancer, singer, and artist.

He rose to fame mostly as a Jackson 5 member.

He is the Jacksons’ sixth child to be born.

Marlon currently serves as the director of the Study Peace Foundation, which advocates for world peace and harmony.

He is one of the Jackie Jackson family members who has built a prosperous career

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Tito Jackson

In the United States, Toriano Adaryll “Tito” Jackson was born on October 15, 1953.

He is a founding member of the Jackson 5, and the group saw popularity both during their time on the Motown label, from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, and during their time on the Epic label, from the late 1970s to the early 1980s.

2003 marked the start of Tito’s solo blues music career.

Randy Jackson

He was born on October 29, 1961.

He is a singer-songwriter, musician, and dancer from the United States. Randy is best recognized for his time spent with the Jacksons, his family’s band.

Before his sister Janet, Randy Jackson is the youngest Jackson sibling and the second-youngest overall. Randy Jackson is the ninth of the La Toya Jackson siblings.

Jackie Jackson

Jackie Jackson Age
Jackie Jackson

At Gary, Indiana’s St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital, Sigmund Esco Jackson was born on his mother Katherine’s 21st birthday on May 4, 1951.

His grandfather Samuel Jackson gave him the name Jackie.

He and his brothers were raised in a two-bedroom house south of Chicago in the steel-producing industrial city of Gary, Indiana.

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La Toya Jackson Siblings: Michael Jackson

He is perhaps the most popular of the La Toya Jackson siblings.

Who is Michael Jackson?

He was born on August 29, 1958, in Gary, Indiana, United States, and he died on June 25, 2009, in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States.

He was a singer, songwriter, dancer, and philanthropist from the United States.

He is acknowledged as one of the most influential cultural leaders of the 20th century and is known as the “King of Pop.”

His contributions to dance, fashion, music, and his publicized personal life over the course of a four-decade career elevated him to a universally recognized figure in popular culture.

Michael Jackson had an impact on musicians in a variety of musical genres.

Through his stage and video appearances, he popularized difficult dance techniques like the robot and the moonwalk, to which he also gave their names.

Michael Jackson holds the record for the most awards ever given to a single musician.


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