“Ladies Condemn Polygamy On Social Media But They’re Dating Married Men Offline” – Ugezu Ugezu

Popular Nollywood actor cum director, Ugezu Ugezu has labeled ladies condemning polygamy on social media but date married men offline as hypocrites.

He mocked them that they’re babes as they embrace polygamous relationships or marriage in reality but will come online to vehemently shunned people who stage defense against the act.

Taking to his Instagram page he emphasized that these people behave as saints on the gram but turns to be the most disgusting humans in reality.

Ugezu Ugezu however tagged them as fake people who are always on social media to please people.

He wrote, ”Most of the babes that come online to vehemently condemn polygamy are dating married men offline. I just wonder why some people love living fake just to please the people they have already displeased with lies. So many saints online”

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