Lady allegedly poisoned by her own husband years after domestic violence

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Domestic violence has taken the spotlight on the discussion table as more grotesque tales of how a lot women are being badly treated in all facets at the hands of their husbands are emerging following the death of gospel singer Osinachi Nwanchukwu.

Another lady from Nigeria who reportedly suffered constant beatings at the hands of her husband had her life snuffed out of her after she was allegedly poisoned by the man.

The deceased has been identified as Balogun Yetunde and the incident reportedly happened in Ilorin where she gave up the ghost on Monday, April 11.

Her sister sadly shared the story online revealing;

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“Yetunde is my sister and a recent Muslim convert because of the man she married. She had explained to me and a few of her friends about her travails in her marriage.

We had advised her to leave if she couldn’t cope and she did. Only for us to hear that the man begged her and she agreed to return to the house. She complained that her husband was always eating out ever since she returned and would refuse to eat her food.

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So on Monday, the husband returned home with a meal he claimed was prepared by his mother for her. Yetunde ate and called one of her friends that she was experiencing stomach p@ins. She was rushed to the hospital where she passed away. Her husband told some of us that she took a poisonous substance in a bid to end her life but a doctor’s report states that her food was poisoned.”

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