Lady Busted By Boyfriend For Playing Single On Twitter When She Is Not, Asked To Return Car And Park Out

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A lady believed to be South African has been busted by her boyfriend of seven years on Twitter for claiming to be single.

The lady named Tumi replied to a post that asked single people to post their pictures for a surprise and she graciously posted her picture to be in the running for the surprise promised.

Tumi’s supposed boyfriend who claimed they had been dating for 7 years apparently saw the tweet and got outraged by the fact that she is playing single on Twitter, meanwhile she has been in a relationship with him for seven long years with the man doing so many things for her including buying her and car with the lady residing in his residence as well.

The man then asked her to do well to come and pick up her things from his house and return the car he bought for her when she is done playing single on Twitter.

“Tumi, when you are done playing single on Twitter, please come take all your shit from my house and bring my car back.

I can’t believe 7 years of our relationship and you are out here telling people you are single. Mxm,” he wrote.

Is it not the case that almost everyone is single on social media but you can’t seem to ask anyone out as it turns out most often that they are dating.

A lot of dust is thrown on the faces of people on social media. Isn’t it?

Tumi certainly got busted there.

Many would ask if she didn’t know her boyfriend is on Twitter and could possibly have seen it, but she might have replied to the post that asked for single girls without thinking about all that.

She might have as well known it but decided to do it anyway just for fun.

See screenshots below;

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