Lady cannot believe his eyes after she walked in to see her baby boy tied to her husband’s waist as he sleeps (Video)

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A man on babysitting duties employed a hacking technique to help him keep the baby near him while he takes a nap.

The man’s wife stumbled on his clever method and filmed it which she shared on social media.

In the video, the lady saw that her husband tied a rope on their infant son and around his own waist.

The child meanwhile, could be seen trying to scurry away, but he was prevented by a tether connected to his shorts on one end and his father’s briefs on the other.

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After trying severally to break free, the child gave up and decided to go lie down beside his sleeping father. The woman was amused by the spectacle and ultimately concluded proverbially that a child who does not want his father to sleep won’t also get a sound sleep.

“Pikin wey talk say him father no go sleep, himself no go sleep.”

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Watch the video:

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