Lady chases Perez Chapel pastor, Rev. Michael Soso to marry her after collapsing her 10yrs relationship (+ VIDEO)

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Grace, who lives in Accra, is trying to get Rev. Michael Soso, who is the pastor of Perez Chapel International, to marry her so that she may end all of her other love relationships.

Grace made an appearance on Oyerepa Afutuo and said that she has been living with her partner Frank for the last ten years; however, the pastor has been able to convince them to no longer live together.

“I have dated Frank for 10 years. In the course of our dating, I got pregnant. Frank informed his Pastor about the pregnancy. One day, the pastor invited us. When we got there, the pastor prayed. He (the pastor) said, “I am far from God. He said I’m from a bad home. The pastor asked me to excuse them. From that day, Frank’s attitude towards me changed.” She narrated.

Grace is under the impression that there was a shift in Frank’s behaviour toward her as a direct consequence of what Rev. Soso said.

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She bemoaned the fact that they had been living nicely until the preacher intervened in their relationship. She said that Frank was reluctant to marry her because pastor Soso had said such things.

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When Reverend Michael Soso was asked to appear on the program, he denied having ever said anything of the such.

However, Grace is requesting that Frank and his pastor, Rev. Michael Sosu, compensate her in the sum of GHc 500,000.


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