Lady creates a smart bulb which is powered by clapping your hands

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A smart bulb with autonomous operation has been created by Helen Ugoeze Okereke, a software developer from Nigeria.

Helen programmed the light to turn on with the help of human control by clapping her hand instead of powering it via the conventional switch.

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The young woman stated she had to specifically configure it to respond to only her clap and no other noise or sound, regardless of how loud they are.

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She posted a video demonstrating how it works and revealed that no other sound can turn it on save a hand clap. She acknowledged that ensuring the algorithm distinguishes between the noises was not a simple feat.

When she clapped her hand once, the smart bulb immediately showed bright light. She had to clap her hand twice to turn it off.

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Taking to her Twitter page to show off her innovation, Helen wrote; ”Building a smart bulb that is controlled with a clap. The bulb turn on automatically when you clap and off when you double clap.”



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