Lady disgraces her brother on Twitter for letting another man snatch his ‘wife’

A Ghanaian lady on Twitter under the username @NanaAK30 has disclosed how her ex-sister law’s decision to leave her own brother to find a better person excites her.

In a tweet made by the lady, she suggested that her brother was not treating his ex-wife well and that he was ‘thrash’ reason why his wife left him and married another person.

In her tweet, she wrote;

My brother’s wife left him and remarried.. and the way I feel joy for her when she’s flaunting her new husbandbecause family or not, trash is trash

It’s usually rare to see this happening especially when most sisters would support their brother maltreating their wife but this lady’s tweet has earned her praises on Twitter for not letting her relationship with her brother blind her to the truth.

While, observed that, some replies praised her, there were those who also blasted her for making that tweet.

One user replied “Washing your dirty clothes in public for 400 likes. Congrats girl you did it.”

Another man also wrote; “If my sister tweets this to the whole world, I don’t know her anymore.”


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