Lady duped into buying an iPhone with an Android operating system

A lady has sadly expressed her frustration after he was duped into buying an iPhone 11 Pro Max only for her to realize it has an Android operating system.

The lady who is identified on Twitter as Oba with the handle @The_Ckarisma said she bought the phone from the popular “Computer Village” in Lagos Nigeria.

She added that she has never been to the Computer Village, although she has heard people share awkward experiences from there.

According to Oba, she bought the iPhone 11 Pro at this location and was very sure it had the iOS operating system because she had a prior feel of it…only for her to get home with a lot of joy and later find out that the phone has an Andriod operating system.

She shared her story by writing:

I have always heard of the infamous computer village. I visited that demonic coven of the most hideous criminals in Lagos today. I went with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. This is what I got back. I can’t even explain how.

One of my guy talk sey them steal him phone for there one time. The funny thing na say him bluetooth earphone still dey work till e reach house”

Some of the responses she got on her post are as follows:



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