Lady embarrasses man on social media after he denied sleeping with her with video and photos evidence 

A guy who thought he could hit and run as his modus operandi dictates found his waterloo in this girl who is bent on dragging him online for denying he ‘chopped’ her.

Apparently, the lady called him out after he denied sleeping with him or even had any sort of relationship with her.

Left with no choice, the lady took to social media to release photos of the guy in her bed snoring and captioned them, “You wanna again deny that you have never been here? She also shared a video of the guy half-naked in her house that could probably prove devastating to him.

Watch the video below;


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In other news, a lady has made a controversial statement on social media that trounces the theory of feminism.

Identified as Opara Possible Ogechi on Twitter, the young lady declared that when she gets married, she will worship and adore her husband. She further said she’ll embark on this path because she’s never equal to her husband.

Ogechi affirmed that she will never claim she is equal with her husband and even if it is possible to be his equal, she doesn’t want to be his equal but instead subjects herself to his authority at all times.

She took to Twitter and said;

See eh, me like this, I will literally worship my husband, that’s the way I love, I will make you feel like the king you are. I am not your equal and I don’t even want to be.



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