Lady involved in Timaya’s alleged h!t-and-run speaks her truth, seeks justice

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The lady who was involved in singer Timaya’s alleged h!t-and-run has finally broken her silence, seeks justice for what she describes as inhumane.

Singer Timaya was last week arrested after the lady involved in the accident’s sister lodged a complaint against the musician.

Though he has been released, the lady who had the encounter with the singer has finally spoken her truth and gone into details what actually happened.

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In a lengthy Instagram post, the lady vivid account of how the whole incident which nearly ended her life unfolded.

According to the lady with the username olori wesco, Timaya after damaging her car for careless driving used unprinted words against her, sped off while she was having a convo with him on how best to solve the issue after damaging her car.

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The way Timaya sped off caused her sme bruises on her arms, legs and even got her acrylic nails broken.

Post below;

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