Lady laments after a guy she met on Facebook gave her only GHC30 after chopping her on their first date

A young Ghanaian lady has narrated the sort of bad treatment a young guy put her through after spending a night with him on their first date.

According to the lady even though she sort of had some nice time with the guy, he ended up treating her badly after getting what he wanted from her.

In her narration, she mentioned that she joined a particular Facebook group and as the norm goes, she posted her picture for members of the group to welcome her.

It was at this point that a young man hurriedly sent her a private message asking her out and though she decided not to reply to him, she later gave him a chance and went out on a date with him.

She added that they ended up sleeping together on the first date and the guy was a beast who gave her full enjoyment throughout the night and when it was time for her to leave the next day, she got the shock of her life.


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