Lady Lashed Gets 5million Naira In Damages After Her Lawyers Got Justice For Her

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A Nigerian lady is smiling to the bank after being awarded  5million naira in damages for police brutality on her for no offence committed.

After months of battling to get justice for her, her lawyers broke through when they got justice for her today.

The said lady was the recipient of some hot lashes during the lockdown in Nigerian.

This was revealed by one of her lawyers who congratulated the other members of the lady’s team for fighting so hard to get the justice for the beautiful lady.

“Remember this woman? Went viral for being lashed by @PoliceNG officers during the lockdown at Iwo. By God’s grace, we were able to get justice for her today. 5m awarded as damages. Great to work with Pelumi Olajengbesi and @datsportslawyer on this. #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSAR,” one of the lawyers announced.

People raised concern as to whether the 5million awarded to the lady for damages is going to be paid to her, but the lawyer assured them that it was not just “audio” money but they are actually going to pay the money.

He asked that the lady be congratulated for her victory.

“Good afternoon people of God, please Congratulate @fabhally for her victory. As per those asking whether they will pay, I can assure you this is not audio money,” he wrote.

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