Lady not happy that the handsome man trying to get her attention is a primary school teacher

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A lady, Mosun says she is not happy that the handsome man who is wooing her and trying desperately to establish a relationship with her is a primary school teacher.

She shared this information on Twitter and rhetorically said the guy is a fine boy but her problem is the kind of job he does; being a primary teacher.

She tweeted; ”There’s this fine boy toasting me but he is a teacher, in a primary school ???? 😭”

See her post:

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Of course, as imagined- netizens found the post intriguing and sprouted out with varied comments. See a few below;

@BAAAMMMI said; 80% of Nigeria girls this like this, after some year you’ll say nobody loves you. Because your demand is too high and you’re even too low to your demand asf🤧

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@AkinateAshidi responded; Choices dear. choices. You can’t expect people to settle for less than what they actually desire. It doesn’t have to be a thing of being looked down upon.
Men say, I can’t be with a woman that doesn’t have breast or can’t cook. Choices dear. Choices.

@damoo_vinci2; Rich people will toast rich people you can’t attract what you are not

@FatimaSovi1; This one wey coconut emoji de your display name seff , omooo. Make I just swallow my point.

@NwabuwaV; He is into legal means of getting his income. Respect that fact not insulting it. U were once primary school student and if people neglected the job, I wonder if u would be able type these words from ur phone.

@easysavage100; My advice to the fine boy is to stay away from ugly girls with expensive taste like you.

@_millerife; Na salary week be this, you better accept now so him go ball you !

@korryfresh; You get through love regardless of standards or quality, at least he is earning🤧

@IbrahimrealIs; And so, or u want a Presidential Candidate to toast U… Women…

@iam_harryjuana; Primary school teacher no Dey make am ?? Do you know why he’s doing that job ?? Na wa. 🚶🏿‍♂️

@_arubu_kenny; At least it’s guaranteed, he go make una pikin fine.

@vibzip; this might be the best opportunity u’ll have to marry don’t waste it.

@Oluwakayode231; And what’s bad with him being a teacher in a primary school???

@Sonsydarling1; You won’t have to bother about your children’s assignments

@AkeebMorenike; Pls say yes so he cn teach u alongside d pupils

@itsjstfizzyy; He wants to teach you one or two,, farabale give am chance, knowledge is power.

@Roji_Avwerosuo; Maybe he’s a prince disguising to be a primary school teacher 🥺 just agree fess 🙃

@SinoboizNoCum; No worry the earlier the better…cus Boiz go scares for 2023….✌️

@MJ_Blen; Primary school teachers don’t deserve to be in relationship?


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