Lady sings praises to God as man his father tried forcing her to marry defrauds him

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A young woman who uses the handle @doiitlikejuls on Twitter claimed that her family is happy her obstinate posture in rejecting a guy her dad brought to her to marry has been justified.

According to her, her father brought her a potential husband who she did not like. Together with her mother, Ditlikejuls’s parents forced her to marry the man but she rejected him.

As fate will have it, the man defrauded her father and she was happy over the development. It was almost like a gift in disguise, she said, and she encouraged everyone to join her in showing gratitude for what had happened.

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@doitlikejuls wrote; “Help me praise the lord, the guy my dad’s people brought for me to marry by force has scammed them of business money. What God cannot do doesn’t exist fr.”

Away from that, a brief drama was enacted at a private ceremony when a young lady emerged from ‘nowhere’ and confronted a married man who is supposedly her sugar daddy,

His activities were interrupted when the side chic revealed to him in front of his wife that she is pregnant for him.

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He initially appeared a little perplexed as she ascended the table and began speaking to him in a loud voice while making a commotion.

After a while, the sugar daddy got up to address the argument, but his wife got up to step in and stop him.

The side chic refused to leave the hallway despite her best efforts to settle her down, so the married man pretended that he was going to drag her away.

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The video is attracting varied views on Instagram as seen below;


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