Lady slaps boyfriend for rejecting her marriage proposal after 6 years of dating

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There is another marriage proposal deja vu recorded publicly and it predictably went wrong just like similar videos we have seen this year.

In this context, a desperate woman who was tired of waiting for her man to propose took the initiative and went down on her knees in a public place and proposed to him thereby subverting tradition.

The young man was taken aback by the turn of events and felt greatly embarrassed. He politely asked the woman to get up amidst other gestures signaling he was not interested in her gimmicks.

He thus rejected her severally during all the time that she was still advancing her agenda despite calls from onlookers who chanced on the spectacle for him to agree to her proposal.

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When all persuasions failed, the lady handed him a hefty slap for the rejection and the fact their relationship had no direction after six years of dating. Watch the video below;


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