Lady Who Complained She Could Cook And Clean But Still Single In Urgent Need Of A Man To Cruise Her New Benz With

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A Nigerian female doctor who complained and wondered why she could cook and tidy up the home but can’t find a husband is back again.

Naima Needs a man to cruise her new Benz with

This time, beautiful and single Naimah Abdullahi is offering to cruise in her new Benz automobile with a man.

Naima is not just beautiful, she can cook and tidy up the home as well.

And with her new purchase, it is clear she is well to do as well and won’t be much of a burden for any man out there, but why is she not getting a man to date?

She bemoaned her ordeal days ago.

On Thursday, she shared a photo of her new ride and said she needed a man to ride with.

“I need a man to ride in my new automobile,”  she captioned the photos.


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