Lady who prefers to do the ‘thing’ with dogs than men gives her reasons, Watch

The lady who sported a short dyed hair noted that many men are dogs and even some men are worse than dogs and as far as she is concerned, dogs can satisfy her more.

The video has since caused a stir online and we guess you can make your own deductions after watching the full footage shared below;

In other trending news, a woman with the biggest b00bs you have ever seen before has sprouted in a video flaunting her goodies and sending men’s imagination running wild.

The woman’s identity has not been established yet but her frontal anatomy has been enough to earn the attention and admiration she seemingly sought.

In the video, she admiringly gave her own version of a new social media challenge in the street while making a huge statement with her huge b00bs.

The video was culled from the IG page of blogger Sweet Sonia and we have it here for your viewing pleasure.


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