Lady Who Was Cursed By Selly Galley For Calling Her Ugly And Barren Finally Apologizes

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"You'll suffer and die" – Selley Galley curses fan who said she is ugly and barren

Social media has gradually become a place where people’s lives and careers are ruined all because of a comment or post. All it takes is a simple screenshot to ruin someone’s life and yet people still carelessly comment without thinking of the consequences.

This has been the case of a young lady called Henewaa Piesie who faced the wrath of actress and TV Presenter Selly Galley for referring to her as an ugly barren woman.

Selly Galley who was clearly unhappy about the comment took to her Instagram page to rain curses on the lady which was to affect her unborn generation as Well.

In a latest development, it seems Henewaa has had a change of heart and has rendered an unqualified apology to the actress.

In the the comment session under a post by Zionfelix, the young lady who was clearly afraid for her life apologized for her harsh comments claiming that she didn’t intend to hurt the actress.

She went ahead to beg the public to intercede on her behalf to cool the heart of Selly Galley to retract her curses.

I hope a lot of those who go about insulting others on social media take a cue from this.

Read her apology below;

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