Lady who was sponsored by a guy to study in Dubai hid in Kenya and appeared 4-years later married with a kid 

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A lady gave her boyfriend severe heartache after he sponsored her trip abroad to Dubai only to appear later married with a kid.

Apparently, the lady was hiding somewhere in Kenya but somehow managed to convince her boyfriend that she was studying in Dubai.

A Twitter user @Ndukhu_baraza shared the story on Twitter as she narrated how the guy has been sending the girl money when he thought she was studying in Dubai.

According to the tweep, the man waited for four years for her to return from Dubai, but he later discovered that she has a husband and kid and has been living in Embakasi, Kenya with him.

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@Ndukhu_baraza wrote;

”There’s a guy i know, he waited for his chick to come from Dubai for 4 yrs where he believed she was schooling.

They communicated on a daily basis via whatsapp only to find out later the chick is in embakasi married with a kid. The guy used to send her upkeep money weekly.”

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In other news, a lady’s past activities on social media have come back to haunt her after her new boyfriend asked for a breakup owing to a tweet she made 8-years ago.

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The lady revealed this is the best relationship out of the three previous ones she had had so far but things are heading south owing to what she said about not wanting to marry a man whose mother is still alive.

In the tweet, the lady also said she would want an instantaneous death of her mother-in-law immediately after her wedding peradventure her suitor’s mother is still alive. Read more here… 


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