Lady’s wig catches fire while dancing with birthday cake, video drops

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A birthday celebration nearly turned tragic when the celebrant’s wig caught fire from the candles on the cake she was carrying at the party.

As deduced from a video making waves on TikTok, the young lady had a cake from her family and friends to celebrate her new age.

She started dancing around with the cake after lighting the candles on it, however, her wig inadvertently caught fire as a result of the candles.

She became aware that her head was on fire when the intense heat started to affect her, and her friends who had noticed raced to put it out.

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Watch the video below;

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Also, in an intriguing report circulating widely in the grapevine, a man, after learning that the child is not his, abandoned his longtime girlfriend, Sarah, in the delivery room.

He claimed to have learned the baby wasn’t his when she had been gone for six months.

He claimed that he and Sarah had been trying to have a child unsuccessfully until she unexpectedly became pregnant, but he didn’t doubt it.

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He was so overjoyed that he had planned to propose on the day of the baby’s birth but as it turned out, things turned south much to his huge shock which culminated in the action he put up.

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